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Lebanese Army Kills Two Militants in Outskirts of Arsal

The Lebanese Army killed Friday two militants in the outskirts of Arsal after it had targeted a terrorist group infiltrating into the border town.The army has also seized weapons and ammunition in the possession of said militants, the military said in a statement posted on its Twitter feed.Voice of Lebanon radio station later reported that one of the two militants turned out to be the son of defected Syrian Colonel Abdullah al-Rifai.

Arsal Mayor Denies Militants' Infiltration

Arsal Mayor Ali al-Hujeiri denied reports claiming that scores of Islamist militants have infiltrated into the town, deeming such news as totally unfounded.“How would militants enter the town amid the Army’s heavy deployment?” Al-Hujeiri told the Kuwaiti Assiyassah newspaper.

Arsal Mayor Denies Militant Infiltration

Arsal Mayor Ali al-Hujeiri stressed that the Cabinet’s decision to entrust the town’s security to the Army has prevented Hezbollah’s “invasion”, affirming that the situation is under control despite the raging battles in the outskirts.In remarks published in the Kuwaiti al-Anbaa newspaper, al-Hujeiri reiterated that Arsal residents will shore up the Army, accusing Hezbollah of constantly seeking to foment sedition in Bekaa so as to make its involvement in