Hariri: Electoral Law, Stability to Be Government's Top Priorities

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Hariri: Electoral Law, Stability to Be Government's Top Priorities

Prime Minister Saad Hariri Sunday described Lebanon's new government as one of national consensus, stressing that its primary goal would be the approval of a new electoral law ahead of parliamentary polls.

"This Cabinet is an elections government," Hariri said shortly after the announcement of his government lineup.

"The government will start addressing crises that need to be solved urgently, notably the waste management issue as well as electricity and water," he added.

Hariri also affirmed that the new Cabinet will also seek to preserve stability as a top priority, outlining the need to steer Lebanon clear of the Syrian war and pressure the international community to share the burdens endured by the country due to the Syrian refugee crisis.

The premier said he looks forward to launching work on the ministerial statement, saying that the government's manifesto will be based on the inaugural speech of President Michel Aoun.

Hariri called on local factions to cooperate so as to serve Lebanon's best interest, hailing the efforts and compromises made by all parties so as to contribute to the formation of a national consensus government.

"Let the few next months be a chance for us all to prove our respect to the Constitution and our commitment to the state and its institutions; let them be a chance for us to restore the Arab countries and the international community's confidence in Lebanon and to present a successful example of national consensus," he stressed.

Hariri noted that he had suggested allocating a state ministry to the Kataeb, adding that the party has declined his offer despite the efforts he had made to guarantee its participation in the government.

Source: Kataeb.org