Lebanon Must Unite Factions to Withstand Its Economic Situation

It is more than six months since the Lebanese parliament was elected and the leadership of the caretaker government has faced many challenges in attempting to form a government. Made up of the 18 diverse religious sects — including Christians, Druze and Sunni and Shiite Muslims — the government, most analysts believe, cannot withstand much more inaction and quarreling among the factions without irreparably damaging the country’s future.

Yemen’s War Is a Dangerous Proxy in Iran’s Global Battle

While the world was fixated on the existential threat of ISIS — a terrorist group that controlled mostly rural territory and had limited, if any, backing by foreign states — the Houthi extremists in Yemen have achieved what their counterparts in Iraq and Syria could only dream of: Domination and destabilization of a country already devastated by poverty, tribal conflict and corruption.

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