Fans in Tears as Lebanese Diva Elissa Shares Her Struggle with Breast Cancer in New Music Clip

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Fans of Lebanese diva Elissa broke into tears when watching her latest music video, in which she publicly shares for the first time her struggle with breast cancer.

In the much awaited-for music video, “Illa Kol Elli Beyhbouni” aka For All Those who Love Me, Elissa revealed that she is battling breast cancer, leaving many fans in complete shock.

She shared a clip of her song in a tweet on Monday, captioned: “You are the reason I am strong and healthy… you are my strength. And this story is a thank you: 'For all those who love me.'”

The video clip starts by featuring a women inside an MRI machine with the date December 26, 2017 and the subtitle: ‘you have cancer.’

The viewer is then surprised to find that what seemed like a fictional story about a cancer patient is an autobiography of Elissa herself, with actual footage of the singer intercut throughout the clip.

The video features actual recordings of phone calls and exchanges between Angy, the director of the video, and Elissa, sharing her agony, fear and tears over the illness.

It included a clip of her fall on stage during a concert in Dubai earlier this year, hinting that it could have been because of the illness.

While the song was released before the clip, watching the video explains why in the lyrics Elissa expresses love for her close ones and fans, asking them “to hug her and never leave” while calling on them to “enjoy life, as every minute that passes will not come again.”

Source: Arab News