Lana Del Rey Drops Out of Israel Concert

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Lana Del Rey Drops Out of Israel Concert

Lana Del Rey has postponed her appearance at a musical festival in Israel until she can "schedule visits for both [her] Israeli and Palestinian fans".

The US singer faced criticism from members of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS) when she was billed as one of the main acts on the Friday of Israel’s inaugural Meteor Festival.

Del Rey initially defended her decision to join the Tel Aviv line-up earlier this month.

She said "performing in Tel Aviv is not a political statement or a commitment to the politics".

Writing that she understood why many of her fans were concerned, she said: "If you don't agree with it I get it. I see both sides."

She continued: "I'm just a simple singer, I'm doing my best to navigate the waters of the constant tumultuous hardships in the war-torn countries all over the world that I travel through monthly."

Eleven days later, Del Rey announced she would no longer be performing at this year's festival.

"It's important to me to perform in both Palestine and Israel and treat all my fans equally," she tweeted on Friday.

"Unfortunately it hasn't been possible to line up both visits with such short notice and therefore I'm postponing my appearance at the Meteor Festival until a time when I can schedule visits for both my Israeli and Palestinian fans, as well as hopefully other countries in the region."

Meteor Festival issued a statement on its website shortly after, accusing the singer of wanting to "score some press attention".

"Just got the word that Lana will be a no-show at Meteor. We do appreciate her for choosing meteor to help her score some press attention," the statement says.

After the initial criticism over Del Rey's appearance broke, the organisers released a statement saying: "Meteor is an independent, private project based upon a dream of individuals. We built this event brick by brick by ourselves, asking or receiving no support, funds or benefits from any governmental or political entity.

"Therefore, affiliating us with that is nothing short of absurd - as in fact, we're pretty much the only festival in the world who's 100% politics free.

"We do not collaborate with any govt or embassy and we're are covering everything ourselves out of pocket money and bank loans.

"The location of the festival is non-controversial. A private land chosen specifically as we have intended, from the start, to create as inclusive a setting as possible."

Singer Lorde was billed to play a concert in Israel in June this year but cancelled it a week after it was first announced in December 2017.

She said the “overwhelming number of messages and letters” she had received led to her decision.

Source: Sky News