British Airways and Air France Suspend Flights to Tehran

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British Airways and Air France Suspend Flights to Tehran

Flagship airlines British Airways and Air France, have suspended flights to Tehran saying the route is no longer commercially viable.

Both airlines will cancel the route in September, amid increased US sanctions prohibiting businesses from operating in the country.

"We are suspending our London to Tehran service as the operation is currently not commercially viable," British Airways said in a statement.

British Airway's last flight will take place on Spetember 23, while Air France's last flight will be on September 18.

Mr Trump's sanctions have affected foreign businesses operating in the company, and many have pulled out altogether.

Last month, Dutch carrier KLM, a sister airline of Air France, announced they would suspend flights to Tehran due to "negative results and financial outlook."

British Airways said it was in discussion with partner airlines to offer customers rebooking options, or would offer full refunds.

Source: The National