About Us EN
Since its inception in 2008, Kataeb.org's main mission was to cultivate people's lives with services that inform, educate and entertain them. Our job is to broadcast political, sports and entertainment news from all around the world, in the best way possible.

We are determined to accomplish our mission by acquiring and distributing services that meet the highest standards set by public journalism and media.
Kataeb.org innovates and leads:

- Kataeb.org has been leading the media's revolution by adapting to technological changes while remaining faithful to the fundamental ideals of accuracy, strong storytelling and ethical practices, having all elements blended together gracefully.

- Kataeb.org aims at being the pioneer in tackling all challenges and threats facing the field.

To become a 24-hour electronic news broadcaster instantly updated, using all available forms of medium.

To be a launching pad for up-and-coming media talent, and increase online traffic by providing reliable information that helps advances the understanding of international affairs.
• Make Kataeb.org the most trusted and consumer-relied upon news source in Lebanon

• Expand Kataeb.org's audience

• Maintain the best performance on all levels and all mediums

• Have a flexible adaptation model which sustains the present and secures the future.

Tactics relied upon to achieve our goals:

- Accuracy
- Non-partisan and reflection of all views
- Accountability
Trust is the foundation of Kataeb.org; it is independent, impartial and honest

Audience awarness, the right to knowledge and information is the end of our work

Creativity is the pulse of the organization