Michael Young
Michael Young

Michael Young is opinion editor of The Daily Star. He tweets @BeirutCalling.

The Rise of Hezbollah Is the Price Lebanon Has Paid for a Post-civil War Order that Handed Control to Syria

Lately, there have been increasing calls from certain quarters in the United States for the Trump administration to target Lebanon because, as proponents of this view put it, the country is controlled by Hezbollah. A common theme is that all of Lebanon merits being treated as a rogue nation since the population is incapable of countering the malign activities of the armed group.

In Lebanon, The Military Sends Out an Aggressive Message About Censorship

Last week, Lebanon’s military tribunal sentenced Hanin Ghaddar, a Lebanese journalist working at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, to six months in prison, in absentia. Ms Ghaddar was accused of “insulting” the Lebanese army, because at a panel discussion in 2014, she had said that the army was clamping down on Lebanese Sunnis, thereby “creating injustice.”