Siemens CEO Confirms Electricity Offer to Lebanese Government

The Chief Executive Officer of Siemens, Joe Kaeser, confirmed that the German company had actually made an offer to help solve Lebanon's electricity problem, thus refuting what Lebanon's energy minister had claimed regarding this issue. "Yes, we did. During the visit with our Chancellor, I did offer to help improve the whole electricity value chain and have our team to come in and assess what’s best for the people," Kaeser wrote on Twitter as an answer to a question that was addressed to him regarding this subject.

Abu Dhabi Named Safest City in the World for Second Year Running

Abu Dhabi has been ranked the safest city in the world for the second year, with Dubai close behind in 11th place, according to a website that collates crime statistics on the world's major cities. Numbeo, a website for crowd-sourced global data, has placed the capital first and given the lowest crime index of more than 300 cities.