How Many Calories Are in a Banana? 9 Things You Likely Didn't Know About the Fruit

Of all fruits, bananas have the worst reputation. People say they’re too carbohydrate-rich, have too much sugar, or contain too many calories. There’s an entire movement dedicated to making banana-less smoothies because of these worries. But can you still eat them — even if you’re trying to lose weight? Yes and yes. Here’s the truth about what this sweet and creamy fruit will do to — and for — your body.

Is It Possible To Eat Too Much Fruit?

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was, briefly and famously, an ardent fruitarian—meaning he ate a diet composed primarily of fruit, which he believed would cleanse his body of harmful fluids. Just as famously, the actor Ashton Kutcher tried adopting Jobs’s fruit-centric diet, until he ended up in the hospital with an out-of-whack pancreas.