Hakim Deems Talks about Protracted Cabinet Crisis as Speculations

Economy Minister Alain Hakim deemed talks about a protracted governmental paralysis as mere speculations, adding, however, that there are no signs ushering in an imminent session.In remarks published in al-Liwaa newspaper, Hakim said that efforts aimed at securing a solution to the ongoing crisis are still insignificant, reiterating that calling for a Cabinet session is part of the premier's prerogatives.

INTERVIEW: Hakim Affirms Kataeb Will Not Veto Any Candidate for Army Chief

Economy Minister Alain Hakim confirmed that no Cabinet session will take place this week, stressing that PM Tammam Salam is exerting strenuous efforts so as to reach a solution.In an interview with Kataeb.org, Hakim noted that security appointments are likely to be discussed during the upcoming session, saying that all ministers ought to have equal power inside the Cabinet.The minister deemed it as “illogical” to hinder the Government’s work due to a

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