Cars to Be Fitted with Automatic Emergency Calling from Mid-2018

Cars to Be Fitted with Automatic Emergency Calling from Mid-2018
All cars and light vans in Europe will have to be fitted with automatic emergency calling devices from April 2018 under new rules approved by European Union lawmakers Tuesday, which could cut road deaths by 10 percent a year.
The so-called eCall device will automatically alert the nearest emergency center in the event of a crash using emergency call technology, which will give authorities information such as the exact location and time of the crash and the number of passengers in the vehicle.
Members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg approved the law Tuesday, meaning car manufacturers such as Volkswagen and Volvo would have to ensure all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles are fitted with the devices by March 31 2018.
Road accidents killed 25,700 people in the EU last year.
The European Commission, which proposed the law, estimates that emergency response time will halve in the countryside and fall 60 percent in urban areas.
People would also be able to make an eCall by pushing a button inside the car, giving witnesses a chance to report accidents.
The devices will not track vehicles outside emergencies and authorities will not be able to transfer the data to third parties without the explicit consent of the person concerned.
Three years after the launch, the Commission will assess whether eCall devices should also be fitted onto buses, coaches and trucks.

Source: Reuters