Tourist Faces Travel Ban after Fondling Breasts of Wax Figure

Tourist Faces Travel Ban after Fondling Breasts of Wax Figure
A Chinese holidaymaker is at risk of having his name added to the country’s tourism blacklist after he was photographed fondling a wax figure at a heritage site.
The young man touched the female figure’s breasts and planted a kiss on her cheek after climbing over a barricade at the Malan revolutionary memorial.
Photos of the unidentified man have gone viral on the internet and sparked outrage, with Chinese media criticising him and social media users calling for his arrest.
Figures from the Chinese Communist Revolution of the late 1940s are enshrined in wax displays at the tourist site in Xunyi County, located in Shaanxi province in north-west China.
The young man, who was travelling with a tour group, may have intended the keepsake photo to be nothing but a bit of juvenile fun, but it hasn’t gone down well with the public.
Several others joined him behind the barricade in another photo. 
Social media users are hoping the man receives similar punishment to that of a tourist who was photographed sitting on the head of a Red Army bronze statue at the Shengli Shan (Victory Hill) memorial park, also in Shaanxi province.
That man became one of the first to be added to the country’s tourism blacklist – launched to punish those who display ‘uncivilized behavior’ – and he was banned from visiting China’s scenic parks for 10 years.
Last week, Chinese social media users criticised men who were photographed fondling the breasts of a naked statue of Yang Guifei, the beloved wife of Tang Dynasty Emperor Xuanzong and one of the Four Beauties of Ancient China.
The photos were snapped at Huaqing Pool in Xi'an city in Shaanxi province.
The China National Tourism Administration has blacklisted three others who have misbehaved during their travels.
They include a woman who threw a cup of hot water and noodles at an AirAsia flight attendant, and her boyfriend, who was accused of threatening to blow up the plane as it flew from Bangkok to Nanjing, China.
Zhang Yan and Wang Sheng were the first two to be blacklisted and will remain on the blacklist until March 2017.
The third person forcibly opened an emergency door on a domestic flight and was detained for 15 days, and will be blacklisted for two years.

Source: The Daily Mail