Man Made Bomb Threat to Bordeaux Airport in Hope of Delaying Girlfriend's Flight

Man Made Bomb Threat to Bordeaux Airport in Hope of Delaying Girlfriend's Flight
A man is facing up to two years in prison after phoning an airport to allege a bomb threat so his girlfriend didn't miss her flight.
The 33-year-old was arrested by French police after calling Bordeaux-Mérignac airport saying, 'there is a bomb, there is a bomb' at 7.30am local time on Thursday.
It is believed he made the threat so as to delay flights because his girlfriend was stuck in traffic en-route in southwestern France.
Police sealed off the airport, and after extensive searches, no threat to security was discovered, reports French newspaper Sud Ouest. 
The call was traced to a location around 12 miles from the French airport, and the man was taken into custody.
It is thought he admitted he had made the call, and that his reasons were because his partner was stuck in congestion on Bordeaux ring road.  
He could now face up to two years in prison as well as a €30,000 (£22,000) fine.
It is not known when the man is scheduled to appear in court in Bordeaux. 
In January this year passengers were evacuated from two Delta Air Lines planes at New York's John F Kennedy Airport after an anonymous caller reported a bomb on board one of the airline's aircraft.
Police and bomb-sniffing dogs surrounded the planes after the caller told Delta's headquarters that a pipe bomb was planted on Flight 468 - a number used by two of the airline's planes that day.
More than 200 passengers who were in the middle of boarding a flight to Tel Aviv, Israel, were led off the plane and onto buses, before the aircraft was removed to a remote area and searched.
Meanwhile, 171 passengers on a flight that had just landed from San Francisco were also swiftly removed from their aircraft. They were told to walk to buses while the plane was investigated.
Passengers' luggage, including their carryons, was then subjected to a K-9 search. Following this, it was put back through the airport's screening machines, before being returned to its owners.
Airport authorities later said no explosives were found on board either plane.

Source: The Daily Mail