BBC Rehearsal of Queen's Death Sparks Panic after Tweet Goes Live

BBC Rehearsal of Queen's Death Sparks Panic after Tweet Goes Live
The BBC sparked panic the Queen had died today, after a tweet was sent out during a technical rehearsal of her death.
A BBC journalist erroneously announced that the Queen was in hospital on twitter today, after a ‘technical rehearsal’ for the Queen’s death ended in major embarrassment for the corporation.
It subsequently emerged, however, that the Queen did indeed attend hospital this morning for a pre-scheduled routine annual check up, leading to whispers of a conspiracy on twitter.
In a statement the palace said, "The Queen this morning attended her annual medical check-up at the King Edward VII Hospital in London. This was a routine, pre- scheduled appointment. The Queen has now left the hospital."
Official sources added, "Reports that The Queen has been "hospitalised" are incorrect. The Queen's next engagement is a reception for new and retired Lord Lieutenants at Buckingham Palace this evening."
But it was BBC reporter Ahmen Kawaja’s tweet: “BREAKING: Queen Elizabeth is being treated at King Edward VII hospital in London” which set off a flurry of panicked activity across newsrooms as rumors that the Queen had died spread like wildfire.
Kawaja then attempted to undo the damage by sending out another tweet, in which she appeared to claim her phone had been used without her permission

Source: The Daily Beast