Scientists Finally Figure Out Why Lobsters Turn Red When Cooked

Cooking lobster always feels a little magical: You drop a blue shellfish into a pot of boiling water, and a few minutes later, you take out a bright red shellfish.   Even scientists have long been at a loss to explain the chemistry underpinning this alchemy. One team of chemists from the University of Manchester in England believed they had an explanation way back in 2002, but later work indicated that their hypothesis only explained a third of the color change.   Now that same

Cars to Be Fitted with Automatic Emergency Calling from Mid-2018

All cars and light vans in Europe will have to be fitted with automatic emergency calling devices from April 2018 under new rules approved by European Union lawmakers Tuesday, which could cut road deaths by 10 percent a year.   The so-called eCall device will automatically alert the nearest emergency center in the event of a crash using emergency call technology, which will give authorities information such as the exact location and time of the crash and the number of passengers in the