Avocado May Be the Newest Miracle Food

First it was blueberries. Then the tart, deep red seeds of pomegranates. Now it's avocado's turn in the spotlight.   Long revered as a superfood with good vitamin and fat content, the fleshy green fruit is being used in the development of a drug that researchers hope will one day be able to fight blood cancer.   In a study published in the journal Cancer Research, Paul Spagnuolo, a professor at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, writes of a fat in avocados that combats

Earth Is Slowing Down a Little Bit and That's Why June Will Be One Second Longer This Year

If your birthday falls on June 30, you can celebrate for a wee bit longer this year!    The last day of June this year will get an extra second after the Paris Observatory announced it was adding a leap second to clocks.   Dials will read 11:59:60 on June 30 as clocks hold their breath for a second to allow the Earth's rotation to catch up with atomic time, experts said.   Atomic time is constant, but the Earth's rotation is gradually slowing down by around two