Early Morning is Actually the Worst Time to Drink Coffee

Is coffee no longer giving you an energy boost in the morning? Here's why.   Every so often, science disproves the thinking behind a deeply embedded habit we have. The latest: drinking coffee in the morning.   It turns out, the morning is actually one of the worst times of the day to drink coffee, according to YouTube science channel ASAP Science. The reason? The high levels of cortisol in our bodies early in the morning.   You see, consuming caffeine when cortisol levels

Lebanon Wins World’s Tastiest Sandwich Award

Lebanon’s shawarma, represented by Joseph, won the World’s Tastiest Sandwich award, competing against other candidates operating in cities like Edinburgh, Caracas and New York.   NoGarlic NoOnions website announced on Monday that Joseph had made the first place in an exclusive event hosted by FoodieHub in London where 4000 candidates across 150 cities were nominated for best food awards.