Switzerland's First Driverless Car Hits Zurich Roads

Swiss telephone firm Swisscom on Tuesday unveiled a driverless car that is being tested on the roads of Zurich, a first in the country.   The Volkswagen Passat, which began road tests last week that will end on Thursday, has been equipped with sensors, computers and special software.   "Swisscom is interested in the digitisation of the economy," company official Christian Petit told reporters, showing the vehicle to the press for the first time.   "Swisscom is not turning

'Selfie Statue' of Ottoman Prince Revealed in Turkey

An unusual statue of an Ottoman prince taking a selfie with a modern day mobile phone while gripping his sword raised eyebrows as it was revealed in Amasya, Turkey, Hurriyet Daily News reported on Sunday.   The strange sculpture had been unveiled on the town's riverbank a day earlier, according to Doğan News Agency.   “We built it for a purely visual purpose. We thought it would draw attention,” Osman Akbaş, deputy mayor of Amasya was quoted as saying in the report.