Hijab allowed, Cross banned at secular SABIS school

Hijab allowed, Cross banned at secular SABIS school

Following SABIS School's measure preventing students with a cross sign on their forehead from accessing classrooms on its Koura premises on Ash Monday, here it is three months later, allowing Hijab and banning the Cross symbol in its Adma branch.


A supposedly secular educational facility, SABIS fails to abide by its rules mandating that students are not to be discriminated based on religion, sect or anything else of the matter.


Students' parents were unexpectedly notified over SMS to review the new bylaws set in the school's rulebook.


To their utmost shock, clause 6 of the charter banned the display of any religious or political symbols, elaborating that religious obligations such as the Hijab were to be allowed whilst the cross was to be completely forbidden.


Following SABIS Headmaster's explanation to parents, they took it to heart and started a petition to overturn the new rules and procedures. MTV has learned that  300 signatures have been garnered so far.


An attempt was made to contact the school's administration, so the MTV crew entered the premises in a bid to meet with the school's principal but was faced with rejection.


The school administration refused to comment but avoiding media will not diminish the impact and weight of the scandal. Blame can no longer be laid on politicians when institutions that are entrusted with the education of our children are the ones fueling religious discrimination.

Source: MTV