Official exams kick off in Lebanon

Official exams kick off in Lebanon

The Brevet official exams started on Friday morning in Lebanon in a calm atmosphere after having been delayed for 24 hours. 

The Lebanese Army and ISF deployed in inspection centers across Lebanon to maintain a smoothly running examination process. 


On another level, al-Joumhouria newspaper reported that Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri told visitors that the salary scale issue remained a top priority.


Berri was quoted as saying that he urged lawmakers to resort to a vote on the pay hike bill, while reiterating a proposal to drop 10 percent of the salary raise as a whole.


Minister of Education, Elias Bou Saab, toured on Friday Saint Jude Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon where 7 students with special needs are taking their exams. 

"To my knowledge, the center provides a recovery percentage of %80, a percentage that we take pride in," Bou Saab said, adding, "7 students from various regions in Lebanon are taking exams in this center and I touched that they were happy with the treatment that they've received." 

The Minister noted that establishing more secured centers, health-wise, to such students was a remarkable move by the Ministry of Education, saying that this is an indispensable part of the Education Ministry's mission. 

Bou Saab wished success to all students and thanked the ministry's General Director, who highly considers humanitarian issues, asking all media people to follow up on those issues which boost such centers and help them present their services and meet their targets.