Joseph Abu Khalil Releases New Book

Joseph Abu Khalil Releases New Book
Kataeb Politburo member Joseph Abou Khalil signed on Thursday his new book “Omri Omer Loubnan” (My Age Is Equal to that of Lebanon) during a ceremony    held at “Le Gabriel” hotel in the presence of a number of political and media dignitaries.
During the ceremony, Minister of Social Affairs Rachid Derbas praised Joseph Bou Khalil’s book, advising all Lebanese to read it. 
“Is it proper for the country to remain without a president?” Derbas asked.
For his part, Former Minister Edmond Rizk considered it essential to read wisely the chapters of the book so   as to be able to extrapolate the message that the author wants to convey. 
“Joseph Abou Khalil lived to witness for Lebanon as well as for independence and sovereignty; you were fair with everyone except yourself,” said Sououd al-Mawla.