The Truth Behind Mia Khalifa's Identity

The Truth Behind Mia Khalifa's Identity
Mia Khalifa is on the tip of the tongue in today’s porn industry. Her quick fame has ignited heated controversy. A Lebanese born and raised and in your face about it, Mia has assumed the role of Middle Eastern representative in the porn world.
Mia had occupied local and international newspapers, and caused a storm of negative and positive comments on social media.
After rumors spread about the young girl's origin, website received  from confidential resources the hidden truth. Mia's true name is "Sarah Joe Chamoun" and she used to study in one of Beirut’s most prestigious schools before travelling to the US.
Mia, Christian, from North Lebanon lived until the age of seven in one of Beirut’s neighborhood along with her conservative family that had recently disavow her because of her, turning into a popular porn star.
In the photos, Mia chamoun is in her school uniform among her friends in nursery.