Robert Abi Nader Launches New Collection in Rome

  • Fashion

Seeking out the exceptional from details, having the ability to innovate, endowed with outstanding design skills as well as a refined taste, represent few of the main principles of the Haute Couture designers... These are between the first characteristics of the international fashion designer Robert Abi Nader: with lots of finesse and harmony, he combines colors, creates unique design and chooses fabrics that reflect the elegance and charms of the feminine silhouette result of decades of research and knowledge, dazzling his loyal audience as well as his worldwide clients and followers.

For the first time in his career, Robert Abi Nader opens new horizons in Rome, during the calendar of the roman Fashion Week in town shows, AltaRoma, with the Mimo Collection, Haute Couture - Fall/Winter 2018-2019. The show will take place in the prestigious BibliotecaCasanatense.

At the beginning of this qualitative shift, Robert Abi Nader desires to expose the stereotypical image of the Fall/Winter seasons with the bright colors, reflecting a joyous imaginary with bright pink color, pure white, ivory, aqua blue, as well as red rouge, black-tinted, oil color and the golden glow.

The creativity of Robert Abi Nader has driven him away from the framework of available ready-made fabrics. The excellence of his designs that sums up his long professional experience has resulted in a distinguished innovation based on the fusion of materials with fabrics to produce different fashion lines. It is easy to identify the combination between soft industrial flakes and lace that reflects an unmatched femininity; while gemstones merge with plastic strips and give the design a renewed look, thanks to the meticulous handmade work, featuring a modern vision of the art of incorporating solid materials into finer fabrics: as adding microfiber wood to gazar, silk organza, and silk tulle, as well as the addition of various forms of leather cut with laser technology, which is a revolution in the world of charming female design.

The new Collection has a daring aspect with the transparent and translucent fabrics in alliance with a fine and delicate sensibility sewed in each and every dress. Each design is distinguished by its intricate cuts carried out with the craftsmanship Robert Abi Nader art, reflecting the elegance overflowing with femininity, charm, and boldness.

MIMO Collection is composed of forty five design pieces, a Robert Abi Nader collection made as a tribute to the person who played a key role in his professional and private life. He has divided it into different sections: long, short dresses and jumpsuits. Even though each section is independent of the other, they form a consistent and harmonious collection based on the same idea and crafted in the same spirit.

The fashion show reaches its culminating level when the royal wedding dress appears. It is an extension of the charming bridal designs that characterize Robert Abi Nader’s experience: with an extraordinary skill, he combines three colors and three different fabrics to reflect a new color - a fusion of pink, white and skin color forming a unique look that would dazzle the audience in wedding lights. The eight-meter tail of the dress extended behind the bride is composed of three layers. As for the handcrafted dress embroidery, it is composed of crystals and silk threaded with precious stones to give an exceptional look crowned with a hand-embroidered veil, making the dream night more royal than ever.