Kataeb Officials Raise Voice Against Trash Crisis

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Kataeb Officials Raise Voice Against Trash Crisis

Kataeb officials Sunday lashed out at the ongoing failure to end the waste crisis, that has been choking the country for more than seven months, as the party's youth staged a protest under the slogan "Lebanon is not a dump".

The party's second deputy-president Salim Sayegh slammed the irresponsible approach that has been adopted to deal with this issue, deeming decentralization as the optimal solution to this crisis. 

Speaking via Voice of Lebanon, Sayegh deplored the judiciary's idleness towards the corruptive practices plaguing the state, stressing that the Kataeb party will spare no effort so as to eradicate wrongdoing and duplicity. 

The Kataeb's Deputy Secretary-General Patrick Richa warned that the waste crisis has become intolerable, warning that it would lead to major repercussions if no solution is reached swiflty. 

"We will continue till the end," Richa said via New TV, stressing that the party will maintain its struggle both inside and outside the government. 

For his part, the head of the Students and Youth Department Ralph Sahyoun renewed call for an immediate solution that would begin by removing trash from the streets, criticizing the failure to pay heed to any of the proposals put forth by the Kataeb party. 

Politburo member Elias Hankache called on other political forces to join the Kataeb's protest knowing that everyone is affected by said crisis, deeming it as a blatant indicator of state corruption. 

Source: Kataeb.org