Gemayel Says Proposed Candidates Not Part of Political Conflict

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Gemayel Says Proposed Candidates Not Part of Political Conflict

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel stressed Friday that none of the figures he nominated for presidency is part of the political conflict in the country, rejecting any constitutional amendment that is tailored to secure the win of a specific candidate. 

"With all due respect and appreciation for Army Commander Jean Kahwaji who is a dear friend, I don't support any constitutional amendment made for a specific person," Gemayel told MTV channel. 

The Kataeb chief noted that former Minister Ziad Baroud, head of Maronite Foundation for Diaspora Naamet Frem, former Minister Roger Dib, former MP Salah Honein and retired Commando Regiment Head Shamel Roukoz are all deemed as unbiased candidates, hailing the latter for being highly competent and neutral.

"Roukoz has proved that he doesn't get involved in political disputes and hasn't committed to any political side," he said. "Should we punish him [Roukoz] just because he is the son-in-law of General Aoun?"

Gemayel said that both Future Movement Saad Hariri and Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea are obstructing the presidential vote byshoring up candidates who are themselves hindering the polls. 

"They are both backing two nominees who are impeding the vote, which means they are also backing obstruction," he said.