Gemayel: Government Formation Must Be Based on a Clear Criterion

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Gemayel: Government Formation Must Be Based on a Clear Criterion

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel Friday renewed his call to form a new government swiftly, warning that further delay will jeopardize the parliamentary polls.

“We're running out of time knowing that the new government is aimed at laying the groundwork for parliamentary polls and setting out a state budget,” Gemayel said during a news conference in Bikfaya.

"The more the formation of a government is delayed, the more it becomes hard to approve a new electoral law," he warned.

“Now is right time to adopt a new electoral law that secures fair representation,” Gemayel said, stressing that the re-adoption of the 1960 law Gemayel: Keeping the 1960 electoral law would be a suicidal option as the country's democracy will be suppressed once again.

“We regret the degraded level of the approach being adopted towards the Cabinet formation,” he said, deeming it as unacceptable to label some ministries as service-based and sovereign
The Kataeb chief slammed these designations, arguing that they imply an abuse of power and pave way for corruption.

“We don't mind being outside the government. Our free voice will be heard whether we're part of it or not,” he affirmed.

Gemayel said that he would have favored a technocrat government, noting that the criterion based on which the Cabinet is being formed must be unified.
"A clear criterion must be set and applied to all factions."

"If the criterion is to form a government which includes the parties that voted for the President [Michel Aoun] and exclude those who didn't, then we accept that," he said. "If the criterion is to form a government that includes the parties which nominated the prime minister-designate, then we will also accept that."