Khoury Refutes Minister's Allegations, Blasts Blatant Unfairness

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Khoury Refutes Minister's Allegations, Blasts Blatant Unfairness

Days after he was unfairly discharged from his post, the head of Beirut Port's grain silos, Moussa Khoury, on Monday refuted all the allegations made by Economy Minister Raed Khoury, dismissing the reasons that the latter had given to justify his decision.

Khoury stressed in a press conference that he had carried out a large-scale overhaul after the silos were neglected for years, noting that there are watertight proofs that he did everything to introduce modern, sophisticated equipment into the facility.

He also noted that squandering and corruption had significantly decreased during his three-year-long term, adding that he had prevented all forms of commissions.

"The minister claimed that several complaints were lodged by traders and forwarding agents. Indeed, many would have complained after I had refused to cover shady deals and under-the-table agreements," he said.

Khoury reminded the minister that he was the one who built a gate at the silos' entrance, adding that it is the General Security's duty

to monitor the premises and grant access authorizations, in oppositon to the claim that chaos was prevailing as anyone could enter the facility.

Moreover, he denied the minister's claim that no profits were made during his term, proving that the silos have witnessed a 21% growth throughout the past two years.

Khoury pointed at the unfair promotions that the minister had made, saying that the latter upgraded an employee accused of bribery.

"You showed footage of an employee sleeping during his shift; well, that is something normal to see when an employee gets to work 24 hours/day," he said. "I was the one who asked you to reconsider such a long working shift knowing that it contradicts with human rights and the labor law. However, you disregarded all my requests."

"Did you forget that I had requested a meeting with you over 20 times until I was eventually forced to send you an official letter?"

Khoury deemed his dismissal as a pure political revenge, noting that the Free Patriotic Movement partisan who has been appointed to replace him does not hold an engineering degree as it is legally required for this post.