Security Forces Suppess Protest in Metn as High-Voltage Power Project Launched

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Residents of Mansourieh and Ain Saadeh took to the streets early on Wednesday as they were surprised to see that the installation process of high-voltage power lines has been launched.

Footage show that security forces used violence and attacked the protesters in a bid to muzzle them.

The controversial plan seeks to connect a power plant in Mkalles to another in Bsalim to supply more power to the region.

However, the residents of the area argue that the project jeopardizes public health and, therefore, propose that the power lines would be installed underground.

Activist Victor Abi Saad told Voice of Lebanon radio station that the residents were surprised to see 250 policemen deployed on most of Mansourieh-Ain Saade roads to pave the way for the installation process.