Berri Says Officers Decree Issue Solved in Meeting with Aoun and Hariri

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Berri Says Officers Decree Issue Solved in Meeting with Aoun and Hariri

Speaker Nabih Berri described the meeting that was held earlier on Tuesday with President Michel Aoun and PM Saad Hariri as very good, saying that the ice-breaking get-together "got the score of 10/10".

In remarks published by several local newspapers, Berri said that the issue of FM Gebran Bassil's was not brought up during the meeting, reiterating that he didn't ask any apology.

"Bassil should rather apologize to the Lebanese given that they were affected by the insult. I apologized for the street actions that took place in the aftermath of the video leak, although had no knowledge of what was happening," he said.

"Apologizing is not a shame."

The Parliament speaker revealed that a solution was also found to the officers' promotion decree issue, saying that it complies with the Constitution.

"I insisted on speeding up the approval of the 2018 state budget in the government so that the current Parliament would later endorse it," he added. "It may take some time for the next government to be formed. Therefore, let's approve the budget now in order to avoid further delay."

Berri assured that the government will convene as normal on Thursday, saying that the Amal Movement will cooperate with everyone while standing firm on its positions.

Annahar newspaper reported that the top leaders had also agreed to amend the clause pertaining to the biometric voting card in the electoral law so as to avert any potential challenge contesting the polls.