Ministry Provides Cover for Hezbollah's Illicit Activities

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Residents of the Chouf town of Al-Rmeileh were surprised to find out that a technical team had been working to extend a telecoms network belonging to Hezbollah without informing or getting the auhorization of either the town's municipality or the region's dignitaries.

According to information obtained by the Kataeb website, the Ministry of Energy was working on the installation of water pipes in said town when a second supply line
was found extended.

"When we sought clarifications about it, we were told that a party official had asked that this supply line won't be touched," Kataeb politburo member Rita Boulos said.

"The Ministry of Energy is fully aware of this issue. Members of the technical team in charge of the water pipes installation confirmed that the second supply line belongs to Hezbollah and made it clear that it should not be touched as per instructions given to them by the Ministry," she added.