Berri Announces Amal Movement's Candidates, Platform for May Polls

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Berri Announces Amal Movement's Candidates, Platform for May Polls

Speaker Nabih Berri announced on Monday the names of the Amal Movement candidates for the parliamentary polls slated for May, as he also presented the platform based on which his party will be running for the elections.

In a news conference held at his Ain Al-Tineh residence, Berri stressed that the Amal Movement's platform is based on full abidance by the Constitution and the Taef Agreement, adding that he will keep up efforts to eradicate political sectarianism in Lebanon.

Berri renewed commitment to the 'People, Army and Resistance' trilogy, voicing full commitment to the country's sovereignty and determination to liberate Lebanese lands that are still occupied by Israel.

"Lebanon's power must be boosted by empowering the Army and security forces," he stressed.

"Israel, not Iran, is Lebanon's enemy," he noted, renewing his call for a political solution to the Syrian war.

Berri also said that he will work on forming a Ministry of Expatriates and lowering the voting age.

The Amal Movement chief pledged to accord a paramount importance to the oil exploration project, calling for the establishment of a sovereign fund and a national oil company.

Berri also said that he will work on the ratification of an amnesty law that doesn't include terrorists and whoever jeopardizes the country's stability.

Below is the list of the Amal Movement candidates along with the respective electoral districts in which they will be running:

- Nabatiyeh/ Hasbaya/ Marjayoun:
Yassin Jaber
Hani Kobeissy
Ali Hassan Khalil
Ayyoub Hmayyed
Anwar Khalil
Ali Bazzi
Kassem Hachem

- Tyre/Zahrani:
Nabih Berri
Michel Moussa
Ali Osseiran
Inaya Ezzeddine
Ali Khreiss

- Baalbeck/Hermel:
Ghazi Zeaiter

- Beirut's second electoral district:
Mohammad Khawaja

- Baabda:
Fady Alama

- Western Bekaa:
Mohammad Nasrallah