Ashrafieh Lawmakers Seek Clarifications on Incinerator Project

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Ashrafieh Lawmakers Seek Clarifications on Incinerator Project

Ashrafieh lawmakers addressed an official letter to the Municipality of Beirut, seeking clarifications regarding the reported plan to establish a waste incinerator in Karantina.

The letter was signed by MPs Nadim Gemayel, Imad Wakim and Jean Talouzian, as well as caretaker Minister Michel Pharaon.

The lawmakers addressed a series of questions to the municipal council, demanding answers on the project's compliance to environmental and sanitary standards, stressing the need to determine who will be supervising the plant's construction and functioning, and to explain whether the citizens who will incur damage due to this project will be compensated.

Earlier this week, representatives of the municipality of Beirut have confirmed that plans to introduce waste-to-energy plants in Beirut are moving forward with the help of the United Nations Development Program.

“Next week, we are releasing the ‘Requirements Definitions Document,’” which stipulates the prerequisites Beirut must meet for the incinerators, Ragheb Haddad, the president of the Beirut Municipality’s communication committee, told The Daily Star newspaper.