Sayegh: Lebanon Going Through a Phase of Distrust

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Sayegh: Lebanon Going Through a Phase of Distrust

Kataeb's Deputy-President Salim Sayegh on Thursday blamed political bickering for the constant stalemates plaguing Lebanon, saying that the country is going through a phase of total distrust.

“The continuous attempts to outsmart each other have led to a permanent structural failure in the political system, thus resulting in disruption and obstruction as we have entered a stage of distrust towards the politicians and the system,” Sayegh said in an interview on MTV.

“We are in need of a fundamental and structural solution to the government file formation crisis," he added.

“Nothing is as sacred in Lebanon, expect for the National Pact," Sayegh affirmed. "The head of state must fulfill his role away from what we are witnessing nowadays."

“The President is seeking to obtain a share in the government so as to help one team win over the other, whereas he is supposed to unite local factions rather than divide them."