Sayegh Warns Against Dashing Lebanon's Dissociation Policy

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Sayegh Warns Against Dashing Lebanon's Dissociation Policy

Kataeb's Deputy-President Salim Sayegh on Friday slammed verbal attacks targeting Arab countries as "unacceptable", warning that Hezbollah's calls for mending fences with Damascus dash Lebanon's dissociation policy.

“Nasrallah’s statement in which he called for re-establishing ties with Syria strikes the political policy to steer Lebanon clear of regional conflicts,” Sayegh told Al-Markazia news agency.

“If the objective behind today’s situation is to use the Syrian refugees’ return, which is pure humanitarian file, in order to restore Lebanese-Syrian ties and whitewash Damascus’ deeds in Lebanon for decades, then this approach will lead nowhere,” Sayegh warned.

“Syria did not present any guarantees to bring the refugees back to their country. A state that is really interested in its people’s return is not supposed to impose conditions," Sayegh criticized.

“It seems as an attempt to dash the Russian initiative on the Syrian refugees’ return one month after the Helsinki summit,” he added.