Hankache Reiterated Need for Rescue Government

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Hankache Reiterated Need for Rescue Government

Kataeb MP Elias Hankache on Tuesday called for a rescue government, saying that the country is on the verge of bankruptcy and economic collapse.

“We are heading towards more procrastination over the formation of a new government due to the ongoing wrangle and greed over ministerial seats," Hankache said during an interview with Radio Van.

"How can we establish a culture of accountability in this country as long as we form governments in which we force ourselves to represent all the political parties?" he asked.

"If officials in Lebanon have the will, then let’s form a rescue government and end the current tensions. Otherwise, I suggest forming a small rescue government until a political solution is reached, or at least until a larger government is formed," he said.

"It is unacceptable to leave the country without a government and keep the people's concerns and problems unsolved."

Source: Kataeb.org