Kataeb Party Holds Obstructors Responsible for Political Instability

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Kataeb Party Holds Obstructors Responsible for Political Instability

The Lebanese Kataeb party on Monday renewed its criticism of political forces that are hindering the Cabinet formation with conditions and counter-conditions, blasting their selfishness and recklessness while the country is facing tremendous problems.

"The Kataeb party [...] holds all of the Cabinet formation obstructors, who are busy wrangling over shares, sizes and gains, responsible for the prevailing political instability," read a statement issued following the weekly meeting of the Kataeb's politburo.

"The party warns against wasting more time and calls for a state of emergency on the economic and social levels after financial indexes have reached an alarming point," it added.

The party also deemed the failure to resolve the refugee crisis as a major threat endangering Lebanon's entity, demanding that the Syrians' return to their homeland would be accorded a paramount importance.

The politburo also warned of the repercussions of the U.S. decision to cut UNRWA funding, warning that it may dash the Palestinians' right to return to their land and, therefore, lead to a new status quo according to which the refugees would stay for good in the countries that are hosting them.

Days after a mass was held in Tabariyyeh to commemorate the martyrs of the Lebanese Resistance, the politburo noted that said ceremony highlights the wide rift between the memory of the great martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country, and the current politicians who would compromise anything for power.

Source: Kataeb.org