Maronite Bishops Call Politicians to Facilitate Cabinet Formation

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Maronite Bishops Call Politicians to Facilitate Cabinet Formation

The Council of Maronite Bishops on Wednesday voiced surprise at the delay in the government formation despite all the challenges facing Lebanon and the deadlines set by the international community, calling on all officials to should their responsibility in this regard.

"The bishops urge all politicians to assume their responsibilities and to facilitate the formation of a government that would carry out its pressing duties towards the public good and the citizens’ welfare,” read a statement issued following the Council's monthly meeting in Diman.

The bishops warned against neglecting the deteriorating economic situation, adding that the State cannot turn a blind eye to the people’s fears and concerns as they are witnessing all the crucial tremors shaking the country’s vital sectors.

The council cautioned against keeping the current situation unaddressed, stressing the need for officials to unite for the sake of the country and its people.

The bishops also renewed their unwavering support to the Army and security forces as the only legitimate armed forces in the country, hailing their endeavors amid the growing crime rate in Lebanon.