Gemayel: Cabinet Formation Is All About Partitioning and Gains Splitting

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Gemayel: Cabinet Formation Is All About Partitioning and Gains Splitting

Former President Amine Gemayel deemed the failure to form a new government as "shameful", saying that the ongoing procrastination goes against Lebanon's welfare as it doesn't serve the interests of both the nation and its people.

Gemayel spoke to reporters during a banquet held in his honor by Lebanon's ambassador to India.

"What is happening under the Cabinet formation slogan is the mere result of the logic of partitioning and gains splitting based on deals, pacts and agreements," he said.

Gemayel stressed the need to abide by the Constitution and political norms to end the current stalemate, urging both the President and the prime minister-designate to make a bold step by forming a small-scale technocratic government that would include non-partisan ministers.

"Such a government is capable of pulling Lebanon out of its state of crisis. It can be a perfect government as long as the chosen ministers have the confidence of both the President and the PM on the representative, ethical and productive levels," he explained.

"Then, the government would proceed with the ruling of the country and the execution of plans, while the Parliament would play its supervisory role and enforce accountability."

Gemayel also deplored the absence of control and accountability over the network of corruption and squandering that has been gnawing at the State institutions for many years.

The ex-president ruled out an imminent solution to the ongoing strategic conflict in the region, outlining the need for more regional and international efforts to reach a permanent settlement.