Aoun: Government to Be Formed Once Set Criteria Followed

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Aoun: Government to Be Formed Once Set Criteria Followed

President Michel Aoun on Monday said that a government will be formed once the criteria he set previously are met, stressing that it is unacceptable that any political force monopolizes the representation of a whole community and attempts to exclude others.

In his speech on the Army Day in early August, the president called for an all-inclusive government in which none of the political forces would be marginalized, making sure to not eliminate the role of any component or monopolize the representation of a single religious community.

Speaking to media reporters accompanying him on his official visit to Strasbourg, Aoun said that the issue of prerogatives and powers has been brought up to divert attention from the Cabinet formation.

"The Constitution clearly stipulates partnership between the President and the Prime Minister-designate when it comes to the formation of a government," he noted.

Aoun said that he is still mulling the option of sending a letter to Parliament explaining the obstacles facing the formation of the government, pointing out that the Constitution grants him the right to do so.