Kataeb Party Calls for a Government of Experts to Rescue the Country

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Kataeb Party Calls for a Government of Experts to Rescue the Country

The Lebanese Kataeb party on Monday called for a technocratic government that would be shored up by all political forces, deeming it as key to rescue the country.

"After the political rift has widened and absurd proposals have become abundant, [...], the Kataeb party renews its call to speed up the formation of a politically supported government that is made up of experts," read a statement issued following the weekly meeting of the Kataeb politburo.

"This government's missions would be to protect citizens so that they can live in dignity, draw an end to the network of corruption and squandering, reviving economic growth, as well as other pressing issues."

"Once this is achieved, let the political rivals who are haggling over prerogatives, shares and spoils take their time to reach an agreement, if there will ever be one," the statement noted.

The Kataeb party condemned the chaos that disrupted the functioning of the Beirut airport, demanding a drastic and permanent solution.

Last week, passengers suffered major disruption at the Beirut Airport after the departures and bag drop processing system crashed.

The politburo called for a transparent investigation to probe the reasons behind the malfunction and hold to account those who failed to fulfill their duties, warning against the same old approach based on which crises and scandals are dealt with recklessly.

Days before the 36th assassination anniversary of martyr President Bachir Gemayel, the party reiterated unwavering commitment to the principles that the latter had died for, vowing to pursue the struggle for a strong, free, sovereign and independent state.

Source: Kataeb.org