Lebanon Ranked Among Countries with Lowest Government Integrity

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Lebanon Ranked Among Countries with Lowest Government Integrity

Lebanon was ranked among the top ten countries with the lowest government integrity outweighing improvements in judicial effectiveness, monetary freedom, and government spending.

According to the 2018 Index of Economic Freedom released by the Heritage Foundation, political forces hold sway over the judiciary in Lebanon, where "corruption reportedly is pervasive in government contracts, primarily in procurement and public works, and in taxation and real estate registration."

The Index, which gave Lebanon a score of 20.2, also noted that bribes customarily accompany bureaucratic transactions in Lebanon.

The score for this component is measured on a 100-point scale; a score of 100 indicates very little corruption and a score of 0 indicates a very corrupt government.

Below are the ten countries that topped the list and their respective scores:

1. Venezuela: 7.5
2. Nigeria: 14.4
3. Cambodia: 17.7
4. Madagascar: 17.8
5. Somalia: 17.8
6. Angola: 18.9
7. Zimbabwe: 18.9
8. Lebanon: 20.2
9. Bangladesh: 21.2
10. Sudan: 21.4

Source: Kataeb.org