Gemayel Hails LF-Marada Reconciliation

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Gemayel Hails LF-Marada Reconciliation

Former President Amine Gemayel on Wednesday hailed the reconciliation between the Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea and Marada leader Sleiman Frangieh, saying that this reunion encloses the real national and Christian spirit that the country has been long missing.

"We hope that this emotional, national event would pave the way for a new path in Lebanon's political life and lay the foundations for a new approach that is based on impartiality to overcome negative feelings regardless of its depth and motives," read a statement issued by Gemayel.

The ex-president congratulated both Frangieh and Gemayel for their initiative, hoping that such a reunion would help heal the wounds from the bitter past that Lebanon had undergone.