Gemayel Urges Uprising to Pull Country out of Vicious Cycle

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Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel praised the government breakthrough despite the protracted deadlock that hindered its formation for more than eight months, deploring the fact that personal and partisan interests had been favored over the country's welfare.

"We are in dire need for officials and people to revolt against the state of erosion that Lebanon is currently witnessing, the continuous deferral of solutions and the mismanagement of the country," Gemayel said during a ceremony held in his honor at the Saint Vincent School in Baskinta.

"Otherwise, we won't be able to make any change in Lebanon," he stressed.

"In which country in the world firework shows are made and greetings are extended when a government is formed? This is supposed to be a normal thing that happens everywhere in the world within a period of no more than three weeks," he added. "Do we have to thank them for fulfilling one of their basic duties?"

Gemayel warned against overlooking the reasons that led to the monthslong government stalemate, saying that disregarding them will eventually drag the country into the same vicious cycle.

"The country will whirl into the same spiral of crises if no one reflects on the reasons that led to this deadlock and on what should be done to avert a similar recurrence. We have a short-term memory and they [officials] and using this fact to repeat their mistakes."

Gemayel voiced confidence over the policy that the Kataeb party has been adopting, stressing that this is the right way to build the country that all the Lebanese aspire for.

"Don't let anyone take you as hostages. You are free to seek what is best for the country and for the welfare of your children, to cut loose from any form of guardianship and to live free," Gemayel stressed.

"Either we keep ourselves at the mercy of politicians or we revolt against injustice," he concluded.