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Berri following weekly gathering: Hezbollah-Future dialogue between the 2 holidays


Voice of Lebanon 100.5: Ministers of Environment and Health warn 19 private hospitals and 9 public ones


Wissam al-Masri to MTV: I am inching closer towards withdrawing from negotiations with the captives' kidnappers due to the government's irresponsiveness and failure to deal seriously with the case 


MP Michel Aoun following talks with a delegation of captive servicemen families: The negotiations process must not be kept secret. The captives' families have the right to stay informed.


MP Robert Ghanem: The parliamentary subcommittee will continue its meetings until a settlement is reached.


MP Robert Ghanem following talks with Berri: Once a president is elected, a new electoral law will be approved. 


Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil addressing a news conference: The campaign that the ministry has launched against real estate department graft is not temporary, but rather permanent