Story of a Rich Beggar!

How bizarre it could be for some of you that beggars can actually get rich...even richer than many of us.

That's exactly the news that emerged in Lebanon this week as the body of a beggar was found in Beirut, with a bank savings book showing that she had actually amassed a wealth of LBP 1,700,000,000 (more than $1 million).

A sum of LBP 5 million ($3,333) in cash was also found next to the body.

The homeless woman has been identified as Fatima Mohammad Othman, hailing from the Akkar town of Ain Al-Dahab, who had been living for years inside a decrepit Mercedes car in Beirut's Barbir area.

The bank passbook of Fatima, who had both her hands and feet amputated, had the mention "beggar" written in the "Know You Customer" (KYC) section.