Biographies of the Kataeb Ministers

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Biographies of the Kataeb Ministers

Biography of Minister of Labour Sejaan Azzi

- Born in 1952 in Ouqayba-Ftouh Keserwan. 

-Married to Dania Haleem Baroud and has two twin girls. 

- Joined the ranks of Kataeb party at an early age and has been the Vice Head of Kataeb Party since 2010. 

- Studied political science and management in Saint Joseph University. 

- Worked as a journalist in numerous papers and magazines and headed the news department at Voice of Lebanon radio in 1975. He then established Radio Free Lebanon in 1978 and managed it up to 1986. 

- Issued the publication MIB in Paris, and then established SOGETCO, also in Paris, in 1986. 

- He has written four books. 
Biography of Minister of Economy Alain Hakim

- Born on May 3, 1961. 

- Married with two children, Christopher and Natasha. 

- Assistant General Manager of Credit Libanais. 

- The holder of a Ph.D. in the field of Business Administration and holds a certificate in graduate studies in Business Administration and a Masters in Marketing from Saint Joseph University. He also holds a degree in Business Administration from the Lebanese - American University. 

- He's been a member of the disciplinary committee at the College of Business Administration at Saint Joseph University since 1989.