Abu Khalil: Samy Gemayel Reminds Me of His Grandfather

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Abu Khalil: Samy Gemayel Reminds Me of His Grandfather

The Kataeb’s first deputy-president, Joseph Abu Khalil, stressed that the election of MP Samy Gemayel as party president is part of the renovation that it will be undergoing, adding that the Kataeb’s existence is vital for internal balance.


“Samy Gemayel reminds me of his grandfather Pierre Gemayel; they both have integrity, correctitude and unwavering faith in coexistence and freedoms,” Abu Khalil said in an interview published in al-Liwaa newspaper.


Abu Khalil stressed the need for administrative decentralization, noting that the current system has led to major crises and caused inter-Lebanese conflicts.


The Kataeb official affirmed that the party has never yielded to foreign pressures, adding that it will not receive any funds that might impact its decisions and policy.


“We have taken the difficult choice so that we can stay free,” he said.


Abu Khalil called on Hezbollah to relinquish its arms, saying that the people would be more relieved to see the Army, not a militia, defending the country.


“Hezbollah is part of a regional project spearheaded by Iran; this project has no future in our country as it is already receding in Syria and Iraq,” he added. 

Source: Kataeb.org